First published Tuesday 25th May 2010 10:00am
Last updated Tuesday 25th May 2010 4:45pm

The University of Waikato is currently experiencing problems with its connections to KAREN (the New Zealand research network) which Lightwire uses to provide free data to Google and its services. Rather than making all Google sites and services become unavailable, Lightwire has automatically redirected this traffic out its main Internet connection.

This means that traffic to Google is currently being charged for in the same way as normal traffic you do. This will continue until the KAREN connection is restored.

This will also put extra load on the Lightwire Internet connection which may cause slightly degraded user experience until the connection is restored.

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First published Thursday 20th May 2010 4:21pm
Last updated Thursday 20th May 2010 4:21pm

Our annual survey provides a great opportunity for you to give us feedback on the services we provide. Plus, by filling in the survey you go into the draw to win an iPod Touch or one of ten 10GB Lightwire topups!

Click here to take the survey.

iPod Touch

Also, every single user that fills in the survey gets a 200MB topup for free.

The Lightwire team values all feedback on the services we provide. We try to incorporate as many of the suggestions as we can into our development plans. We also use the feedback to provide input into the long term planning for development of the campus as a whole.

This year the survey is powered by Google Docs so will require you to log into Lightwire to fill in the survey. However, thanks to the University offering free traffic to all Google sites, you won't be charged anything for it.

Make sure you tell all your friends to complete the survey to get their free topup. The survey is open until Monday 7th June 2010 and prize winners announced and free topups supplied by Monday 14th June 2010.

Remember, you can always provide feedback on the service at any time by following us on twitter or Facebook.

First published Monday 19th April 2010 3:33pm
Last updated Monday 19th April 2010 3:33pm

Welcome Back!

We've missed you all so much that we've decided to splash out and make off-peak data half-price!

Until the end of April, any data you use between 2am and 8am will be charged at half your current data rate.

Simple as that! Check out our pricing and don't forget to top-up either online with your credit card or at one of our resellers around campus.

First published Monday 22nd March 2010 12:02pm
Last updated Wednesday 31st March 2010 4:39pm

Over the last couple of weeks we've noticed that the wireless network at Orchard Park is not coping as well as we'd like it to with the number of users now using it, so we'd like to take this opportunity to let our Orchard Park users know why this is and what we're doing about it.

In the summer of 2007/2008, the University's Information Technology Services division (ITS) approached us to build a network in Orchard Park on their behalf. The flats did not have any wired connections between them and the up-front cost of digging trenches, cutting concrete and laying cables to each flat was outside of the scope of the project. ITS agreed to pay to get wired connections into flats 4, 17 and 26, which we were able to put outdoor wireless access points on in order to cover the Orchard Park area with wireless coverage.

In the first year of Lightwire service in Orchard Park the network performed fairly well. This was in part due to the relatively low use of the network as many flats still opted to get DSL from an external provider.

By 2009 it was becoming apparent that the network was failing to cope with the increased number of users and the increase in demand. We approached ITS with a number of proposals to improve the network and ensure that it would cope well into the future. Our ideal solution would have been to get wired ethernet and indoor wireless access points into every flat but this proposal exceeded the available University budgets for network infrastructure.

Instead we worked with ITS to get wired access into flats that didn't require cutting concrete and then added indoor access points to those flats to reduce the load on the outdoor APs. While this improved the situation for those lucky flats, it still left a significant number of users still relying on the outdoor access points as their only method of connection. In busy times, the wireless technology simply cannot keep up with the demand users are putting on the connections.

Unfortunately we aren't able to just go in and put in new access points. The network is owned by ITS so ultimately any decisions about the growth of the network - and any spending on it - goes through them. We are trying our hardest to improve the situation in Orchard Park by working with ITS to plan upgrades in a cost-effective manner, but any major upgrades will take some time.

In the mean time we have the following short-term plans. Over the next week or so we intend to provide a number of wired points for users to plug in to in the common area and computer room which you can use if the wireless coverage in your flat isn't satisfactory. This will at least allow everyone in Orchard Park to get on to Lightwire in some manner, even if it isn't the best solution. We are also going to install an indoor access point in the common room so that you can use wireless there.

We are currently working on coming up with a proposal to get improved connections into the remaining flats and will be keeping you posted on how this progresses. In the mean time, please know that we are aware of the scope of the problems and are working with ITS to resolve them as soon as we can. We hope that the temporary solutions we will be putting in place will help to ensure that you can continue to use Lightwire while we put better solutions in place.

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First published Monday 22nd March 2010 7:19am
Last updated Monday 22nd March 2010 7:21am

One of the Lightwire services died last night at 11pm. The loss of this service meant that people were unable to login to Lightwire via the captive portal. The service was restored this morning at about 7am, and steps have been taken to identify the source of the problem.

PPPoE access to Lightwire was not disrupted during this time.

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