First published Friday 19th March 2010 9:33am
Last updated Monday 22nd March 2010 9:04am

Over the past 24 hours our upstream Internet provider (Kordia) have been experiencing significant problems with equipment involved in providing us our international internet connection. During this time period connections to international sites would have been slower than usual and there have been a few small outages while they have attempted to replace and reconfigure parts of this equipment.

Kordia have notified us that they now believe that a complete replacement will be necessary to correct the problem. Due to the urgency in this repair, the replacement may take place during business hours causing another outage to international destinations. If we receive any advance notification of this we will update this post with the times.

We will be following up with Kordia to find out what the exact failure has been and what preventative measures they will be taking in the future.

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First published Tuesday 16th March 2010 10:07am
Last updated Tuesday 16th March 2010 10:07am

This year has started with a real rush for Lightwire. Thanks to everyone who has started using Lightwire so soon. In fact, the rate at which you have all started using Lightwire has caught us a little by surprise. As such, you may have noticed that during peak times Lightwire has got a bit slower to use than we would like.

We are busy working with our upstream international bandwidth supplier to increase how much traffic we can access from Lightwire. We hope this upgrade will be in place in the next week or so. In the mean time, please accept our apologies. We'll make sure once the new bandwidth is in place that we have some interesting new specials to help thank you for your patience.

Also, the international bandwidth restriction should not ever effect the performance of the Lightwire website, University of Waikato content or most New Zealand locations. If you are seeing issues connecting to these sites, the problem lies in the University network that you use to connect to Lightwire. Please feel free to contact the Lightwire team via twitter, facebook, e-mail or phone to report these access problems and we will work with ITS to ensure that they are corrected if possible.

First published Monday 15th March 2010 2:54pm
Last updated Thursday 18th March 2010 2:02pm

A few users noticed last week that the wireless APs in R block don't seem to be working. ITS manages the on-campus wireless network, so we reported the problem to ITS and they informed us that they were working on resolving the problem.

As of today there is still no wireless coverage in R block. We've been informed that the power supplies have been replaced but that it has not fixed the problem and they are looking at replacing the access points entirely.

We've not been given a timeframe as to when this might happen but we're trying to keep things moving. We apologise for the inconvenience and hope that a solution can be found soon. In the mean time, there are wired ports in labs 6 and 7 if you really need them.

We'll let you know as soon as we know more. Thanks for your patience.

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First published Tuesday 09th March 2010 10:47pm
Last updated Tuesday 09th March 2010 10:47pm

There was an outage of just over an hour that effected most of Student Village. The cause was a network loop formed accidentally by a user. We have removed the loop and will be following up to ensure that it cannot happen again. Our apologies for the outage.

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First published Friday 26th February 2010 5:01pm
Last updated Friday 26th February 2010 5:01pm

You can now buy your Lightwire top-ups from Unimart - the convenience store on campus. Unimart is located at the bus stops at gate 1.

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