First published Friday 19th March 2010 9:33am
Last updated Monday 22nd March 2010 9:04am

Over the past 24 hours our upstream Internet provider (Kordia) have been experiencing significant problems with equipment involved in providing us our international internet connection. During this time period connections to international sites would have been slower than usual and there have been a few small outages while they have attempted to replace and reconfigure parts of this equipment.

Kordia have notified us that they now believe that a complete replacement will be necessary to correct the problem. Due to the urgency in this repair, the replacement may take place during business hours causing another outage to international destinations. If we receive any advance notification of this we will update this post with the times.

We will be following up with Kordia to find out what the exact failure has been and what preventative measures they will be taking in the future.

  • Updated Friday 19th March 2010 1:37pm
    Kordia have advised us that service has currently been restored to normal, however in diagnosing the root cause of the disruption we may experience some more short outages. We will advise once Kordia believe the service is fully operation again.
  • Updated Monday 22nd March 2010 9:04am
    The service has been stable all weekend. The workaround will remain in place until later on this week at which point the problem equipment will be replaced. There will be a short outage when this happens. Will post when the times are confirmed.