First published Tuesday 25th May 2010 10:00am
Last updated Tuesday 25th May 2010 4:45pm

The University of Waikato is currently experiencing problems with its connections to KAREN (the New Zealand research network) which Lightwire uses to provide free data to Google and its services. Rather than making all Google sites and services become unavailable, Lightwire has automatically redirected this traffic out its main Internet connection.

This means that traffic to Google is currently being charged for in the same way as normal traffic you do. This will continue until the KAREN connection is restored.

This will also put extra load on the Lightwire Internet connection which may cause slightly degraded user experience until the connection is restored.

  • Updated Tuesday 25th May 2010 4:45pm
    The KAREN connection seems stable again, Lightwire Google traffic is now FREE again. Lets hope it stays up.