First published Thursday 23rd February 2012 2:23pm
Last updated Thursday 23rd February 2012 2:23pm

Welcome to 2012!

This year, we're changing the way University of Waikato students log in to Lightwire. Previously, students had to create a separate Lightwire account and link it to their UoW username. As of today, University of Waikato users can simply log in to Lightwire directly with their University of Waikato username and password.

New users don't have to do anything to get set up. Just log in either on your personal device, on a lab computer, or through the "Manage My Account" page with your University of Waikato username and password. Your Lightwire account will be created automatically and if you're eligible for the free 1.5GB student quota it will be applied straight away.

Your Lightwire password will stay in sync with your University of Waikato password, so whenever you change your password at Uni, it will change for Lightwire too.

Existing students may find their passwords have changed to their University of Waikato password. Students who had linked their accounts to their personal Lightwire account should be able to continue to use their personal or their UoW account, but they will be treated as the same account. Some accounts with links may have had their link removed if there was another account existing with the same name.

If you're having issues logging in, please call our helpdesk on 0800 12 13 14 and we'll get you sorted out.