First published Thursday 17th December 2009 10:30am
Last updated Thursday 17th December 2009 10:30am

At Lightwire, we like to keep in touch with our users, which is why during 2009 we used Twitter and Facebook to announce promotions, specials and competitions, as well as notify users when there was trouble on the network.

Twitter and Facebook are great tools for keeping in touch, but sometimes we want to be able to say more that just a few sentences. There's a lot of changes coming to Lightwire in 2010 so we've set up this blog to keep everyone in the loop. We'll still be chatting on Twitter and Facebook, and we'll be posting there whenever we make a blog post here (hopefully that's how you found this post!).

You can also subscribe to the Lightwire Blog RSS feed if you're not a Twitter or Facebook user.

Anyway, enough for now - we'll be posting here again soon with details of the new pricing schemes for 2010, as well as details of the new Lightwire@Home service. Stay tuned!