First published Wednesday 09th October 2013 9:39am
Last updated Thursday 30th January 2014 2:14pm

University of Waikato users may be having issues logging in at present. This will affect all users on campus and users logging in with credentials.

First published Monday 30th September 2013 11:52am
Last updated Monday 30th September 2013 11:52am

University of Waikato users may be unable to log in using accounts. All other accounts are working, and the University is working to resolve the issue now.

First published Tuesday 17th January 2012 10:11am
Last updated Tuesday 17th January 2012 10:11am

Some users are currently experiencing problems logging into Lightwire. We are working on diagnosing the issue and will update this post when we know more.

First published Wednesday 14th July 2010 10:10am
Last updated Monday 29th November 2010 10:34am

Over the holidays ITS started laying fiber into each building in Student Village to replace the old copper phone cables we currently use to get internet access into and out of each building.

We are not sure yet what exactly has happened but there has been a dramatic decline in the performance of the current phone based system, in particular into SV-7 and SV-2. This has also to a lesser degree effected all buildings in Student Village.

We don't yet know if this is due to the construction damaging the old phone cables or if it is a coincidence. Unfortunately the fiber project still has a number of months to run before we can switch across to that, so we are busy trying to find a solution ASAP.

Please accept our apologies about this problem, but in the long term the new fiber access will significantly enhance the Lightwire service in Student Village.

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First published Friday 25th June 2010 10:25am
Last updated Friday 25th June 2010 10:25am

The University have informed us that they have scheduled an outage of the entire University network for Saturday 26 June from 9am - 3pm to perform maintenance.

This will mean that the Lightwire network will be unavailable on campus and in the Halls of residence during this time.

We apologise for the inconvenience and hope that the outage time is kept to a minimum.

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